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You are buying 20 pieces nuts + key high performance SPLINE ULTRA TAPERED CHROME wheel nuts.

Made by quality material.


Ultra Lug Nuts (ET Lug Nuts) Benefits

By using ultra wheel nuts you will have more turns on the wheel nuts before tightening. If your vehicle has short studs or you don't have enough turns on the wheel nuts for any reason, our Ultra Wheel Nuts are a brilliant solution.


Not Suitable for Steel Wheels.

Tread size: 7/16" 

Nut Length: 41mm

Socket Hex: 19mm and 21mm

Socket Diameter: 21mm (please check on photos)

Socket Length: 45mm (please check attached photos)

Finish: CHROME

Quantity: 20 pieces + KEY






Spline High Quality Chrome Ultra ET Wheel Nuts 7/16" 20+KEY

  • If you are not sure about the fitment please contact us.

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