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4x4 Tyres

About Our 4x4 Tyres

If you’re looking for quality 4x4 tyres, visit Ruff Roads to find the perfect choice for your vehicle. These durable tyres were developed using technology and engineering that delivers exceptional off-road traction with a quieter ride. You’ll also experience superior durability with these 4x4 tyres thanks to a unique tread pattern and design, circumference grooves, a tough shoulder and sidewall design, and more.

The angled, three-ply sidewalls provide better handling and offer increased puncture resistance in the sidewall for longer-lasting enjoyment. The offset sidewall tread reduces lug tearing by removing pressure from across the sidewall instead of just the lug. The notched shoulder edges improve off-road tracing to keep you safe on any terrain while reducing lug tearing. Offset circumferential grooves also improve your off-road traction while providing better water dispersion. If you’ve been hunting for the best 4x4 tyres, shop on our website today to discover the perfect solution for you.

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